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(reprinted from VeriSign’s Press Release 8/9/2010)

We are pleased to announce that Symantec’s acquisition of VeriSign’s Security Business has been completed.  This includes all of VeriSign’s brands of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Code Signing Certificate Services, the Managed Public Key Infrastructure (MPKI) Services, the VeriSign Trust Seal, the VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Authentication Service and VIP Fraud Detection Service (FDS).

Today we bring together two market leaders with complementary strengths and a shared vision to offer more choices to our customers, for flexible and cost-effective ways to protect your information and deliver a secure online experience.
Please note: VeriSign’s network infrastructure and domain name business are not included in Symantec’s acquisition, and will continue to exist as a separate independent company. If you are a customer of VeriSign’s Domain Name services, please continue to do business with VeriSign for these services as you always have.
How does this affect you?

Products, Services, Sales and Support.
Symantec remains steadfastly committed to further developing and enhancing VeriSign security solutions to address our customers’ business and technical requirements. All of our products will continue their lifecycles as planned, and future updates will be communicated well in advance.

In addition, there are no changes to account management, sales and support. Please continue to do business as usual with your current VeriSign account management team. Our number one focus is supporting you, our customer, as we continue to grow our business.